SA Rand-Dollar during different Financial ministers – last 10 years



How the Rand/Dollar will remember the South African Presidents for the past twenty years


“ Are you thinking South Africa is still in the dark ages when it comes to streaming services”

Think again!

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Great New Free LAMP hosting service


And it works like a dream at no cost, with unlimited space… Wow

See my test site


Creating IT Job Descriptions

In Information Technology it’s always about discovering new way of doing thing better.

I have been using Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) now round about four years. This is an excellent framework for creating Job Description for IT and a lot of work has been done on aligning SFIA with international Job Evaluation Systems. The challenge that i’m now facing is aligning this with the Peromnes Evaluating system.

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So what is SEO..

In short it’s the magic that search engines use to determine the ranking of you web site.


Now also busy with a bit of SEO


OK, finally joined Facebook