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Since the beginning of the year South Africa has seen a dramatic change in the area of music streaming. The change started about two years ago, with the introduction of Nokia music store, the next major players to enter the South African market was Simfy Africa, Apple iTune, Deezer, Rara and latest in and eventful trend, was the launch of Universal Music Group and Samsung announced the creation of The Kleek.

The following table compares the different South Africa Music providers
services The advantages of all the new legal and affordible music streaming services, are better and more affordible music that would hopefully lead to a downward trend in music piracy.
The bad news is that, on video streaming thing still look bad. The only options on video streaming are Apple iTune that focus on movie rentals and purchasing , Youtube for just about anything, but the only player that does live streaming is MNET and the selections is limited compared to international standards.

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For another comparison of some of the services see:


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  1. zork says:

    I have just tried simfy (in South Africa) after I ran out of my 10 hours free on spotify this month (accessed via a tunnel). It is simf(l)y terrible. I have 4kb ADSL. I never experienced any lags with streaming on spotify, I could not listen to one track without continual hold-ups on simfy.

    • vanBelkum says:

      Interesting, I did not have the same experience. Simfyafrica is hosted at AfricaINX. If i do a traceroute or ping i get a constant ping time of 45ms well below the 190-220ms to (not adding overheads of VPN or tunnelling)

      Possible explanations:
      1) ADSL provider is doing traffic shaping – Tunnelling would have different priority or shaping characteristics than music streaming.

      2) Did you remember to disable your VPN/ tunnelling

      You can see i’m working in IT already trying to solve the problem.

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